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The Sculptress – Kickstarter Live

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The Sculptress Movie


It comes to all of us creative folk at various times in our careers. That is the need to diversify. I have often been asked over the years if I was interested in other areas of the film making process. The obvious answer is YES!! Of course I am. Its more a question of what excites one more than what ones does already. And to be honest I have, and continue to be extremely creatively satisfied with what I do which has grown organically over many years alongside my increasing experience. I started of working on very credible TV productions and then small and mid range movies and now regularly work on the very largest productions shot internationally financed by Hollywood studios and with that comes a range of extraordinary challenges from the logistics of working on films with up to a thousand crew and the responsibility of producing the marketing images that will subsequently be relied on to market these $100m + movies.

But that’s not to say that in my image driven world I don’t desire the need to pursue my own creative debacles.

Working on a movie as a stills photographer one is predominately the recorder of other peoples creativity. That’s definitely not to say that a competent and creative free thinking image maker does not bring their own visual interpretation to the capturing of still images. To be honest that’s what my reputation has been built on in the film industry: The ability to capture those sympathetic and defining moments that very interestingly do not necessary appear in the film or indeed where not necessarily filmed moments in the first place.

Years of practise and a strong appreciation for the subject matter mixed with a degree of talent (at least that’s what others tell me) has lead to a substantial body of “creative” work from numerous films.

So… What to do next? Well! I would be mad after being at the university of Film Making for 25 years in the company of some of the best film makers the modern era has to offer not to be tempted to diversify into moving footage my self.

So here I am embarking on my own movie project = The Sculptress

For a truly immersive experience and fully indulge in the complete creative process I wanted to develop a unique and original story based in the arts after much research I finally found the as yet un told story of one of the 20th Century most exciting and formative artists Barbara Hepworth. An immensely talented artist whose fascinating journey of discovery motivated by the environment was in itself reason to make the film but also a story that came up with surprising dilemma’s such as the decisions we make in life that have potentially devastating consequences we didn’t expect. And the decisions made by others beyond our control that again can have life shattering implications such as war.

So for me enter stage left: “The Sculptress” A story about love, ambition and art a story about an artist made by artists, a commercial art house film.

For more info take a look at our Facebook page: The Sculptress – Facebook

Claire Foy – Golden Globe Winner


Rule Britannia! The Crown’s Claire Foy pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth as she leads winners at Golden Globes… Such a brilliant show to work on – delighted Claire won the Globe. Photo Alex Bailey copyright Netflix.

The Crown – Netflix

The Crown

In November, Netflix will drop its most ambitious Originals series ever, ‘The Crown’ – the first season of a drama that’ll tell the story of the entire reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Its creator and writer is Peter Morgan, who has previous with Her Maj – he wrote the movie ‘The Queen’ and the play ‘The Audience’, both starring Helen Mirren. We’ve had a sneak watch of all ten episodes, and can report that this is as good as it gets – exciting and smart drama.

Claire Foy is terrific as young Elizabeth II, who we first meet in her twenties: her father, George VI (Jared Harris) is still king and she’s recently married Philip (Matt Smith). The first series examines how she copes with the responsibility of becoming Queen and explores the major relationships in her life: her husband; her first Prime Minister; her sister Princess Margaret; and her uncle, the former Edward VIII. It’s about power, duty, politics and tradition, and we’re hooked.
Princess Elizabeth and King George VI, played by Claire Foy and Jared Harris, on the future queen’s wedding day in the £100 million series
We may expect, and perhaps Netflix is even hoping for, controversy when the first batch of The Crown, its epic contemporary answer to the BBC’s The Hollow Crown, is released to subscribers on November 4. This £100 million, 60-episode, six-series dramatisation of the reign of the Queen begins with her father coughing up blood into a royal loo. Not long afterwards, as he dresses for his daughter’s wedding, his irritation at being incarcerated in a stiff collar by a flunky is ameliorated by an exchange of filthy limericks with his equerry, Peter Townsend. George VI’s effort features the c-word.

Tom Lawrence


Tom Lawrence

Tom trained at RADA.

Theatre: Recent theatre includes HAMLET GLOBE-2-GLOBE WORLD TOUR with Shakespeare’s Globe: a 2 year tour to every country in the world in which Tom played Hamlet, Laertes, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as well as reprising the role of Horatio (Helen Hayes Outstanding Supporting Actor Nomination 2013); BLUE STOCKINGS and A MIDUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (Shakespeare’s Globe); SUMMER & SMOKE (Apollo Theatre); WHEN WE ARE MARRIED (West Yorkshire Playhouse, Liverpool Everyman); Sir Alan Ayckbourn’s HOUSE & GARDEN (Salisbury Playhouse); OLIVER TWIST (Manchester Library Theatre) and BILOXI BLUES (Vanbrugh Theatre).

Tom is also a founding member of the pioneering site specific theatre company PUNCHDRUNK, devising, writing & performing roles in numerous productions including the MC in the award winning MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH; Mercutio in THE FIREBIRD BALL; Oedipus in OEDIPUS REX; Woyzeck in WOYZECK and Yasha in THE CHERRY ORCHARD.

Film: A SUMMER HAMLET (Dusthouse Productions); AGE OF HEROES (Giant Films); Richard Eyre’s STAGE BEAUTY (Lionsgate Films). Short films include CHRIST’S DOG written by Howard Barker; JACK & JILL directed by Ashtar Alkhirsan, ISAAC directed by Jesse Lawrence and THE TRENCH directed by Alex Campbell.


Radio: A multitude of plays and serials for BBC R3, 4, 5 & World Service. Credits include NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (Sony Award Winner); A CHARLES PARIS MYSTERY: TO SICKEN & SO DIE with Bill Nighy; DIXON OF DOCK GREEN with David Calder; LIKE AN ANGEL with Freddie Jones and MADE IN CHINA with Ken Hom, recorded via live link-up to BBC Vancouver, Canada. Audiobook recordings include THE COLLECTED WORKS OF JOHN BETJEMANN; Erich Maria Remarque’s ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT and Joe Dunthorne’s WILD ABANDON.

Tom has a keen interest in new writing and has had a continued involvement in rehearsed readings and workshops at the R.N.T., Royal Court, Shakespeare’s Globe and RADA.

Me Before You

Doing very well in the cinemas – very good use of AB images!